Building an innovative team

Being on a team is incredible.  Teams have a vision and everyone is recognized for the important role they play getting to the goal.  Every day at work should be like this, but for many it is a lone trudge to meet metrics instead of a team effort to achieve a goal.  I work with my corporate clients to create teams that are locked into the vision of their leadership.  Creating cohesive teams and giving them a clear goal instead of metrics to meet creates a culture of innovation.


Signs of a corporate group that is not a team

  • need constant management engagement and meetings

  • constantly off target on metrics

  • not leading the industry in innovative solutions

What a team with a goal looks like

  • everyone knows the leader and the vision

  • teammates appreciate each others strengths and weaknesses 

  • collaboration between teammates leads to innovative solutions that align with the corporate goal


Getting to innovation

Set a clear vision and goal as the leader

Bring your team together with the goal

Culture of innovation