Let's Talk About Flies

Can you picture a fly stuck inside your house buzzing around trying to find a way out? I’ve seen the same thing unfold so many times. A fly is stuck inside and wants to get out. It won’t fly away from the window where it can see its goal. It is very determined and a very hard worker so it torpedoes its whole body heady first into the window over and over again determined to get to its goal.

But instead, and inevitably, it smashes itself against the window until it falls dead on the windowsill. There might be an open window or an open door or some food right behind it, but it will persist with its plan to achieve freedom until it is soon dead.

Determination, hard work and persistence have cost it its life.

How often are we like this fly, bashing our heads against a wall insistent that it is the one and only solution to our problems? We work harder, longer hours with tunnel vision on a single path we insist is the only one.

We are afraid if we stop working harder at every failed attempt, we will fail. When in fact, if we let go of the single path we were so invested in and looked at all the others, we could easily move past the obstacle to the goal.

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